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DeterrenceDetectionDelay and Response .

Successful crime reduction strategies should aim to reduce the risk to the building / site by increasing the risk to the thief or other criminal.
The types and level of security and protection used should be determined by the results of the risk assessment. Consideration should be given to the use of the site and the level of security should reflect the time when the site is most at risk. A simple piece of advice is to not to place all hope in a single solution.
Security provisions should be used in combination to achieve four things: DeterrenceDetectionDelay and Response. In many cases a solution will contribute to more than one of these.
For example, a strong fence will deter a burglar and also cause a delay gaining entry.
Deterrence takes many forms. A ramshackle site will appear easier to break into and may imply less protection. Alternatively the fitting of solid fencing, high quality locks, intruder alarms, CCTV and security signs advertising guard patrols shows a potential thief that the owner takes the issue of security seriously and may make them go elsewhere.
Detection is the identification of the presence of a threat such as a burglar. Identification is used in two senses. There is the immediate identification to alert those affected by the threat or request response by protectors and there is also the use after an event to identify criminals. The latter does not just mean CCTV. Detection can include monitoring of visitors to ensure only authorised people are on site.
One view is that no barrier is impenetrable if an attacker is determined enough to break it. The measure should therefore be in terms of the delay provided. The fitting of an intruder alarm will detect a crime but will not prevent theft unless sufficient delay can be caused to slow the action of a burglar. Any delay during the committing of crime increases the danger to a criminal that they will be caught and therefore acts as a deterrent to completion of the crime. It is not just whether a solution can be defeated that should be taken into account but how long it takes to defeat and what effort is required.
If a criminal is not completely deterred then at some point a form of response is required. Response could be actions of a security guard or the arrival of police. To determine the security provisions the form of response must be known. If it is going to take fifteen minutes for guards or police to arrive then the delay provided should match this

Police Advice

Display warning notices stating security precautions are in force - Nottinghamshire Police


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